China Sourcing Agent

China Sourcing Agent

Sourcing Agent In China

Do you need china product sourcing to help your overseas company to import or export from China? Why not buy direct with China Sourcing Company from china insted of distributor from local?
Chinese people is famous for his work hard and low salary in the world..
Are your tired of hiring the local employee and pay a high salary but do the regular non-value job?Why not find Chinese who can pay less but work harder.
I think some non-value like Pormotional products soucing which can be passed to helps you to make more money
and save your Time and Risk What we role here can to be your china recruitment agency and china buying agent.. There is two way to us to cooperate with your.
First.we are focus on some products which can be delivery paid for you,because we have been cooperate with factory for many years..
We works as china trading company..that is 'factory price + profit + port charges and other costs = actual quote'. But there is one more way if you need.
we work as your China Purchasing Agents or China Sourcing Agent, these two complementary business models will maximize the possibility of getting the order from your client..

Beware of Safety Regulations

We have a lot experience in facing and dealing with Safety Regulations in USA and UK market after ten years working time..Most suppliers in China do not know the foreign standards which
is most important to overseas buyers.if anyone is hurted by your product..the distributor in USA will ask importer the compensation for the loss of client..
The importer need to be responsible for compensation,finally,this problem will be passed to china supplier..both of us do not want to face this problem.
if products is turn out to be non-compliant with the USA or UK standards.Your project maybe on HOLD
by the government that they may be forced to cancel order.
Here is our case study on the New employee/Staff training..

Beware of Permission To Use Logos,Trademark,Copyright

We need to make sure Customer eg,Coke have given permission to use their logos.
Can you please send me a letter or document that gives permission to use these trademarks, brand marks, logos? Customs will certainly check the shipment.
both of us want to find a good lawyer and be invlove us in legal dispute..Click here to see trademark authorization Case Study

Beware of anti-Dumping duties

We need to make sure Customer eg,Coke have given permission to use their logos.
Can you please send me a letter or document that gives permission to use these trademarks, brand marks, logos? Customs will certainly check the shipment.You can find how to deal with anti-Dumping duties Case Study

Beware of Import Tax,Duty,Tariffs

First is how to calculator the import tax? and then it will be what is import tax or duty,tariffs for my products?
Tariff: DDP X40% VAT: (dutiable value + tariff) X17% .Click Here To See How to find the US import tax or APEC member Import tax?

Area of Specialized In Certain Niche Products

There is no directory but because we works as china buying agent,as we have lot experiences in China sourcing,
if you want to bobble head, if should be direct from the certain niche products is located in Quanzhou of Fujian..
Click here to see a Specialized In Niche Products Area

Beware of Shipping Agent Eat Margin

We have face many case and show many case study that the shipping cost eat margin or profit before your end your project,
it would be more safety if you work with a partner who used to be a China Shipping Agents.. We used to be work and design a online tool for shipping agent. So you may lucky to use our online tool to
grow your business you need to find a buying agent to help you,
but it is not easy. You do not know how and where to find an agent. There are questions such as should you sign a contract with them?

China Shipping Agents Online Calculator

Transparency Finance of Software IT Management

We have designed online database software by ourself.. It is best database software specilized in China Agent Or Yiwu Market.. There are more than 1800+ order we have been done..
Yiwu Product Database Software Want to see our IT Order management system?

purchase order database software

Transparency Products of Software IT Management

There are more than 9000+ Products In our databases,

Yiwu Product Database SoftwareWant to See Our IT Products Management System?
Yiwu Product Database Software

Online New employee/Staff training

There are 30 steps for our staff training.. It cost around half an months to learn the shadow test and all rule.. they will be well-training before they talk with client..

Agent Contract Template

You may need to find a corrected China buying agent or buying office when your import from China..Here we prepared some Agent Contract Template A Or Buying Agent Agreement Template B
which clauses should i more focus on ?What you should do if your supply bad quality products or failed to pass quality inspections?
My idea is to send the sample first and then sign a detailed contract with buying agent or factory,

Say No To Hidden commission

Do Not believe agent who charge your 0% commission
who high possibility betray you by taking a hidden commission.. we all know many sourcing agents get a hidden commission from suppliers. It is really serious problem if your agent stand the same side with the factory..
You will received the fake price and there no quality controller.. there is only one kinds of supplier who will give the best benefit to your agent around your..
the factory is biased and the best supplier is disregarded. But what is the regular china agent commission will charge?I think for a long-term businesss.
We are glad to charge a a decent service,You will see your order tracking information online by our system.

China Wholesale Products

Are you looking for a Chinese Wholesale Suppliers who can supply wholesale products from china to your country Please find our China Wholesale Products Online Catalog..
We are reliable and competent,we are expert in Sourcing,With a great online IT database.You can see there are almost 9000+ products which reduce your risk and make us more professional..

Why Us To Be Your China Purchasing Agent

Do you found that communicating with Chinese suppliers waste a lot time... I think the first every supplier requires a good knowledge of his
products and then then the good sales skill. I think all people would like to pay a few dollars and pass the time consuming procedures to Agent....

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