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Guangzhou Trade Fair

Guangzhou Trade Fair History

Guangzhou trade fair also named the China's import and export fair.. There are 177544 overseas buyers in the the 118th Canton Fair,who are from 213 countries and regions, the decreased rate is 4.6%.
The rate of participants' original continents as below: Asia 's visitor's is 100545, accounting for 56.63% of the total number of participants, there are 33192 European, 18.70%,Africa 14692..

Guangzhou Trade Fair

Guangzhou Fair Calendar

The Canton Fair is only holding on the spring and autumn

Spring Canton Fair:
First Phase Time: April 15, 2015 April 19th 2015
Second Phase Time: April 23, 2015 April 27th 2015
Third Phase Time: May 5, 2015 - May 1, 2015

Autumn Canton Fair:
First Phase Time (October 15th - 19 August)
Second Phase Time(October 23rd - 27 August)
The Phase Time(October 31st to November 4)

Guangzhou Fair EXPO Products List:

China Canton Fair

First Phase Of Guangzhou Fair
Electronic consumer goods and information Related Products
Bicycle Related Products
Motorcycle Related Products
Auto Parts Exhibition Related Products
Chemical Related Products
Hardware Related Products
Outdoor vehicle Related Products
Home appliance Related Products
General machine, small processing machinery Related Products
Electronic and electrical Related Products
Power, power equipment Related Products
Lamp exhibition area Related Products
Architectural and decorative materials Related Products
Bathroom facilities exhibition Related Products
Import exhibition Related Products
Construction machinery (indoor) Related Products
Agricultural machinery (outdoor) Related Products
Large machinery and equipment Related Products

Second phase (April 23-27)
Kitchen appliances exhibition
Daily ceramic exhibition
Craft ceramics exhibition
Home decoration exhibition
Glass Handicraft Exhibition
Furniture exhibition
Weaving and rattan iron crafts exhibition
Garden Products Exhibition
Stone (outdoor)
Home daily
personal care supplies
Bathroom Accessories Exhibition
Clock and watch glasses
Gifts and gifts
Pet Products Exhibition

Third Phase Of Canton Fair(May 1-5)
Luggage area
Men and women in the exhibition area
Children's wear area
Underwear area
Sports and leisure services
Fur Exhibition
Clothing accessories and accessories exhibition
Home textile area
Textile raw material
Carpets & Tapestries
Food exhibition area
Medical health products exhibition
Medical machinery exhibition
Sports tourism and leisure products exhibition
Office stationery exhibition area
Footwear exhibition area

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