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Pro YiWu Agent History

We have been a sourcing agent in china since 2002 , There are two office in china.. one is located in Yiwu City China and the other is in GuTown,Guangdong,China..So it means you can buy direct from china..
We are pretty sure that How to find a good supplier and what the position of us and we understand that how important the tool will help which can help buyers make corrected
decisions to appoint a good margin for their business, right from the beginning. Glad to be Your Eye And Ear in China..
What our job is quality control and help you to win more orders and make more moneys by a easy online system connection..
KMH Promo Yiwu Agent Office

Pro Buging Agent used to be a Direct ASI,SAGE supplier who supply custom promotional products to ASI distributor in USA.
We have our partner Glen in U.S,We understand that the strictly rules which U.S marketing have... Now we have expend our business in Yiwu
Not only for us but for all the client around world...we are glad to service your as our client and you will Never worry to miss Order Information and can go directly with order which have to be done two years ago..

What is Our Different With Other Yiwu Buyer Agent?

Why Choose Us To Take Care of Your Order?

Online system will remember three or more years orders you had been played with supplier by our software..
We are trying to think how to help our client by a online and oversea tool. Now it comes with many tools which you may need in the future...

⑴Online Tool For Future Cooperation

⑵Your Yiwu Product Database

We are more focus on Order and database record.. So we develop a online system to record order..
There are more than 1800+ order we have been done, we know things to learn more. You can review more here about our quote database
Yiwu Product Database Software How we save your products?

purchase order database software

⑶Your Yiwu Purchase Order Database

There are more than 7800+ Products In our databases, we know things to learn more.But we think it makes us well-qualified to win your trust and future cooperation...

You can review more here about our order database
Yiwu Product Database Software How we save your order?
Yiwu Product Database Software

PRO Yiwu Agent Service:

yiwu international market also called the yiwu futian market which is located on futian area of yiwu,There are many agent say they only charge 1%
commission in the marketing who may take 10%-20% kickbacks behind us! There is no Hidden Cost Here...
We charge 5-10% commission based on your invoice amount..We do not think anyone would run company by only 1% commission.
We want to find a long-term business relationship not one-time..

  1. AirPort PickUp: We will drive the car the pick you up at airport,Whatever you are in Shanghai,Yiwu,Hangzhou..
  2. Discount Room:Discount Room Booking Service From 5 stars to 3 stars.
  3. InterpreterWe will be your interpreter and market guide if you need..
  4. Buyer AgentWork as your buyer agent in China..
  5. Warehouse ServiceWarehouse,Quality inspection
  6. International ShippingInternational freight ,express,aircargo,shipping
  7. Packing ListWe will send Packing List and Invoice to help your clean it from Custom..
  8. Order Tracking SystemOnline Order Tracking System,You can see the state of order..

Why you need a Yiwu Agent

Good Local Communication You may feel frustrated that can't get in direct touch with Yiwu Factory..
Or You may need to get back to your country and do not have enough time to take care of rest orders..
So Both buyers and suppliers lose by going through multiple mistakes of bad communication. We understand that you can going to pay more and need a people to be your right-hand which is essential in international trade or to be a grown company..

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