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Do you want to know how many Hotels in Yiwu? There are 12 Same Brand hotel in one kilometer of street. So do not worry about hotels before you visit China.
if you can not do anything without planning.Here we have more details about hotel.You can choose all hotel around Yiwu.We will drvie you by car.It do not cost a lot of time..
In recent years, the rapid development of Yiwu local hotel, 11 three-star hotel in Yiwu , 7 four-star (Yin Du Hotel, Quintessence Kaixin Hotel, Yiwu Hotel, Yihe Hotel ocean hotel Yimei Plaza Hotel, Zhijiang Hotel),
three-star 3 (Hong Kong Hotel, Di yuan hotel, Puji special Huadu hotel). In addition, there are hundreds of Yiwu business and economy hotels and the low-end hotels.

Yiwu Online Hotel Booking

We have a Hotel Reservation Service which you can have online hotel booking..if there is any problem about paying by credit card.You can see the recommend hotels as below: You can see their comment by click REVIEW... Customer Comment On Hotel

Recommend Hotels

5 Star Hotel Recommend

If you want to book a 5 Star Hotel, We recommend the Yourworld International Conference Center,it score higher than others...

Yiwu Yihe Hotel(★★★★)

This hotel is good location for Chinese business traveller. Not in the city. Is near train station. Not suitable for western traveller.
No western credit card accepted. Only limited Chinese bfast. No Coffee! (Certainly no coffee shop as stated). No ice or fridge in room. Beds like a board. Staff were friendly but no English.

Yiwu Yihe Hotel

Yindu Hotel Yiwu(★★★★)

This hotel i think its number one herecin yiwu city I dont know why I liked it maybe because the great hospitality or its perfect location anyway I dont have any ideas to reserve in another hotel in this time

Yindu Hotel Yiwu

Kingdom Star Hotel Yiwu

No Comments..

Kingdom Star Hotel Yiwu

Byland Hotel Yiwu(★★★★)

Al good as usual however the breakfast was not appealing, we went at around 9 am and not many dishes were left to be chosen from, lot of items werent refiled.
had 3 rounds to simply get a cup of yogurt. not impressed with this kind of service, breakfast ends at 10 am but it looked like the customers after 9 am are not so welcomed
as hotel is saving on adding more food and dishes to those that ran out. Not happy about it at all.

Byland Hotel Yiwu

Bali Plaza Hotel Yiwu(★★★★)

Hotel room is spacious and clean but problem is have shuttle bus to 1st district only as I do business in 2nd district and have to walk a long way to catch the bus to come back to hotel.I don't recommend for this reason

Bali Plaza Hotel Yiwu

Hiyat Hotel Yiwu(★★★)

Employes have very attencio ( always try to help you.

Hiyat Hotel Yiwu

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