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Yiwu Jewelry Wholesale

If you are looking for the Yiwu jewelry factory or jewelry making supplies in Yiwu like necklace, bracelet, earring, ring,champion ring.
stainless steel jewelry,silver jewellery,costume jewelry There are two markets we recommend to you.Yiwu jewelry professional street there are two places! Chouzhou North Road,
opposite the west gate of the International Trade City, Changchun Jewelry Street. Namdaemun City Road, opposite the International Trade City, Hing Jewelry Street. Generally, Jewelry Street refers Changchun Jewelry Street!

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Yiwu Jewelry Wholesale Market

yiwu jewelry wholesale

Yiwu Jewelry Wholesale Ring Market

yiwu jewelry wholesale

What is Different For Futian Jewelry Street?

In recent years, Yiwu jewelry industry grow rapidly. However,But bottleneck of Yiwu jewelry industry will be facing in the future.
Yiwu now has nearly 3,000 jewelry manufacturing enterprises, of which more than 90% of companies rely solely on the market,
at the same time, there are many new enterprises and business households which will be join in the future.. The jewelry itself is a fashion industry, much needed space for display,
although jewelry trading accounted for a large proportion in the International Trade City,but still far from meeting the development needs of the industry.
Therefore, The expensive rents, dealers can not rent the venue and other problems have become increasingly prominent.

yiwu jewelry wholesale

Yiwu Jewelry Direct Market

yiwu jewelry wholesale

Why We need go to Professional Street?

If you can find most of items at Yiwu International Trade City.
Why you need to go to Professional Street? compared with the International Trade City, Futian Jewelry Street, there are a number of features:

1. Price Raised.
Since jewelry business is popular in recent years, The rents fee are high than we can take..
A more than 40-square-meter price of around 150,000 RMB,a much larger place nearby is a best choice..

2. Traffic Better
Because professional street are near the International Trade City,it is more convenient for buyers

3. Times
The most important thing in business is time, time is strictly regulated in yiwu trade city. which means you need to take a rest and can not work after 6 pm.
So you can go professional street just remedy this situation, which means that there is a time difference.

Yiwu Jewelry Wholesale

It is what you intersted in: necklace, bracelet, pearl, shell, leather, stones,earring, ring,bags accessories, brooches, hair bands, foot rings,
chain.scarves buckle, belt buckle, buttons, tie clip, clips, all kinds of alloy, claw chain, copper, silver, acrylic, gold jewelry, electronic products, etc.

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