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Yiwu Market Guide

Yiwu Wholesale Market Guide

Yiwu futian market is most important and big market in yiwu. There are 5 Districts you can see in the map..
You can find most of commodity on the yiwu international market.. But There are some specialized market Which you can find more great price.
There are almost 70,000+ vendors and 10 million products inside.. 1.5 hours trip from Shanghai by express train..

yiwu international mansion

Which Products Can Make More Money?

logistics Rate Can help you choose a Good Products. Logistics ratio will tell you what you should buy Now, the logistics costs accounted for 18% of the in-hand price.It may be a good products.
If you exceed 30% that high possibility might not worth to order .18% in the United States market is magic figure.So we recommend some silver products,Ring which is small but have a big invoice amount..
(DDP-EXW) /EXW < 18%, The product will be highly competitive.

How We Choose Products?

So first we need to see the rate before we make desicion..then decide whether to spend great efforts to find the goods.
regardless of the ex factory price of the product is not up, the amount of rate may can determined, so there is no competition.
Then you don't have to deal with it. Volume weight calculation formula kg=cubic cm/5000 (see the courier company, some 6000),
it is tool we always using for online cbm calculator

How To Calculate Customs Fees

it is Online Quoting System We are using daily,It will help you how to calculator a in-hand price include the customs fee, So what you need to do is only finding a great products..

What Should I Pay Attation To In Transportion

is it calculate by shipping weight or volumetric weight by Express Company? this is an important factor to consider the transportation cost.
Volume weight calculation formula is kg=cubic cm/5000 (see the courier company, some 6000),
or using our standard freight XLS computational tools to trial freight. How to use the volume weight to choose to decide the seven day white single
(free customs clearance or do not include the case when the holiday will be five) or three working days of the red single express?
Note that the thickness of the box (preferably seven layer corrugated), in order to avoid shreds and patches.
you can estimate the goods in the end will be moved many times? Your package stand? Goods do again good,
Do not think it was issue DHL,
think it is poor packaging on your part. The packing material or that your company used is way too box instead soft a of card normal box.
packaging break in shipping

Price Change in UPS, Fedex, DHL

There have been some reliable courier company, the courier company must be a reputation for the establishment of long-term cooperation..
EMS has a good price in the above paohuo. 300 kg above,air transport can be a good use and consideration. The cost of in-land delivery to Ningbo is about 30 + 10 (-3 CBM)
USD Express delivery of different regions of the freight forwarding also have different prices.

Packing Information Wrong Case

The information offer by the factory,we found that there is inaccurate.because it is not related to his profit, but with our profit.If the transportation costs exceed 1/3
of the cost of the all price, then it will not be competitive. Of course, this has a great relationship with the volume of goods.

Every Floor Details of Yiwu Market Products

Yiwu International Trade City District 1

1F:flower accessories or Simulation flower, plush toys, electric toys,inflated toy,All Toy.
2F:Hair Ornament
3F:Jewelry Accessory,Festive Craft(Paper Lantern), Tourism Arts,porcelain, Phone Frame.
4F: HALL of Taiwan Merchants and Direct center of mafacturer.

yiwu international trade city market

Yiwu International Trade City District 2

1F: Rain Wear & Pack Suitcase & Bag Umbrella 2F: Electrial Products Hardware Tools/Accessories Lock Vehicle
3F: Kitchen & Sanitary Hardware Small Home Appliances Telecommnications Electronic Appliances & Photographic Equipment Battery/Lamp/Flash Light(Electronics) Clock & Watch
4F: Hardware & Electronics Electronics
5F: Export Agencies Featured Products

yiwu international trade city market

Yiwu International Trade City District 3

1F:: New Year Picture, Wall Calendary, Couplet,Pen and Ink,Paper Eyeglasses
2F: Leisure & Entertainment Products Sports Goods Office & Study Stationery,Mirror & Comb Button & Zipper Cosmetic Accessories Cosmetics Beauty Products Apparel Accessories Accessories4FFactory Outlets-Cosmetics/Beauty/Products
3F: Factory Outlets-sports goods & stationery/outdoor products
4F: Factory Outlets-garment accessories
5F: Paintings/Frame

yiwu international trade city market

Yiwu International Trade City District 4

1F: Socks/Leggings
2F: Knitted Goods Hat & Cap Gloves Daily Necessities Earmuffs
3F: Caddice Towel Thread & Tape Shoes Lace Tie
4F: Belt Bra & Underwear Scarf
5F: Shoes Daily Necessities Garments Tourism and Shopping Center Frame/Accessories

yiwu international trade city market

Yiwu International Trade City District 5

1F: Imported goods, African products direct sales center, jewelry, handicrafts, clothing shoes and hats, food (including alcohol), health care products
3F: Knitting materials, needle, fabric, knitting materials, needle, fabric, curtain fabric
4F: Auto parts (motorcycles), auto supplies

yiwu international trade city market

Yiwu Huangyuan Cloth Market

1F:Trousers Jeans
2F:Men's Wear
3F:Women's Wear
4F Pajamas Sweater Sports Wear
5FChildren's Wear

Yiwu Factory Tool And Printed Market

1F: Printing & Packing Machine Industry Electrical Machine Logistics Equipment Artificial Flower Accessories
2F: Food Processing Machine Printing & Packing Machine Engine & Generating Equipment Ribbon Loom & Injection Machine Measuring Tools & Knife
3F: Home-decoration Light Lighting Equipment Festival Light Engineering Light Delicate Home Lightings Area
4F: Leather

Yiwu Market Products

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